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With SkyTeam Go Round the World, you can choose anywhere between two and 15 stops on your journey. Your itinerary must include one transatlantic flight, one transpacific flight and one flight between Area 2 and Area 3, and start and end in the same country though not necessarily in the same city. SkyTeam is the alliance dedicated to providing passengers with a more seamless travel experience at every step of their journey. 19 member airlines working together across an extensive global network to welcome 630 million customers each year on more than 14,500 daily flights to 1,150 destinations in. SkyTeam, the global airline alliance, has officially opened the doors to its seventh branded lounge, adding to more than 790 members’ and affiliated lounges worldwide. Read More. 15% Off Round the World Travel with SkyTeam. AMSTERDAM, 25 November 2019.

Hey! Thanks for visiting SkyTeam’s Round the World Planner. It seems you are using a mobile device. Just to let you know that our planner looks even better on a desktop or tablet. Please close this window if you would like to continue planning and booking on the mobile site. Fly away to the art, the architecture, the wide variety of cuisines and culturesthe SkyTeam Go Europe Pass lets you indulge with one easy, economical ticket. يجب أن تكتمل جميع الرحلات خلال مدة صلاحية تذكرة. Round the World Travel Planner What is Round the World Planner and why should I use it? The Round the World Planner is a tool that will assist you in creating Round the World RTW flight itineraries where you start and end in the same city, always traveling in the same direction East or West. SkyTeam’s Go Africa Travel Pass helps you discover the incredible diversity that Africa offers with one easy, economical ticket. على بطاقة الذهاب إلى إفريقيا من سكاي تيم، كل ما عليك فعله هو شراء تذكرة. SkyTeam’s Go USA and Canada Pass brings you there for the nature, the bright lights and big cities. بطاقة "الذهاب إلى كندا والولايات المتحدة" من سكاي تيم عندما تشتري تذكرة ذهاب وإياب عابرة للقارات لرحلة إلى الولايات المتحدة أو كندا.

By combining the route networks of all SkyTeam partners, you can fly practically anywhere. The SkyTeam network offers more than 1000 destinations in 169 countries. Go Round the World tickets. The distances below are rounded off. Please use the SkyTeam Round the World Planner for the exact minimum and maximum distances per package. يسري العرض الترويجي لمخطط الرحلات حول العالم حسب توفّر تذاكر الدرجة المُحددة. إذا كانت تذكرة الدرجة المطلوبة غير متوفّرة، فسيسري العرض الموحد لمخطط الرحلات حول العالم.

The 9 SkyTeam member airlines and the 2 Associate Airlines jointly offer you this new range of products and services to make your global travel easier. Round the World Choose from over 856 destinations in 169 countries! Whether travelling for business or leisure, the SkyTeam Round the World program provides you with the right product for. 29/06/26 · Air France, KLM, and Other Partners Flying Blue - FB miles on Skyteam RTW tickets - I am looking into purchasing an around the world ticket in Business class. Has anyone tested to see whether FB does indeed provide full credit for flights on RTW tickets? BTW - I ended up getting shafted with my WorldPERKS RTW ticket. 12/04/41 · Similarly, Skyteam alliance offers 4 mileage based Round-The-World airfares in economy, business and first class. These have maximum mileage of 26,000 miles RTWSKY 4, 29,000 miles RTWSKY 3, 33,000 miles RTWSKY 2 and 38,000 miles RTWSKY 1. 3-15 stops are allowed on Skyteam RTW tickets with a validity of 10 days to 12 months.

from £3470: SkyTeam 2 RTW: With SkyTeam’s Round the World Pass, you can take advantage of a global Network of 15 member airlines including Aeroflot, Aeromexico, Air Europa, Air France, Alitalia, China Southern Airlines, Czech Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Kenya Airways, KLM, Korean Air, TAROM and Vietnam Airlines and enjoy more flexibility and savings during your RTW. Saudia offer for SkyTeam Round The World Planner RTW Date 28 January 2014 Reference Number 201401281 Implementation date IMMEDIATELY Saudia announces its special discount for “Round The World” a SkyTeam product for the period from 06th of February till the 30th of June, 2014. 23/12/39 · Stop dreaming. Start planning. Make your dream trip come true using our Round The World planner on.

06/11/35 · Date changes are free, and if you book a SkyTeam RTW ticket, you have to book your first international flight, date and all, but after that it’s possible to leave the dates open. Be aware; however, that date changes are subject to availability on the flight a customer wants to change to, so by waiting too long, it’s possible to be shut out. There are special exceptions for small quantities up to 70 ounces total of medicinal and toilet articles carried in your luggage, spare lithium batteries for most consumer electronic devices in carry-on baggage, and certain smoking materials carried on your person. Plan your Round the World itinerary in six simple steps. Click on the step buttons given on the left at any stage in order to move on to the next step or back to the previous step. The title at the top of the page will indicate the step that you are currently on. SkyTeam First Class RTW fare from £9899: The First Class SkyTeam RTW offers loads of great airlines and routes - Aeroflot, Aeromexico, Air Europa, Air France, Alitalia, China Southern Airlines, Czech Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Kenya Airways, KLM, Korean Air, TAROM and Vietnam Airlines. More than 13 000 daily flights to more than 900 destinations.

The Navigator RTW: The Navigator round the world ticket is designed to give you unbeatable RTW choice with superb stopover options. You can get up to 11 stopovers while circling the globe - it really is a fabulous value round the world deal. It is particularly strong in South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific The big rules are 1. Sometimes it’s best just to keep on going. Round the world RTW airline tickets can be useful and economic solutions to complicated or extensive travel, but they aren’t especially well known outside a relatively small group of flyers. Here’s a “primer” on RTW tickets. RTWs and smaller circles. Each of the big three airline alliances Star Alliance, Oneworld and Skyteam offer.

What is the benefit to the comsumer of the SkyTeam RTW, other than having a single website to arrange all the flights? I guess there would be many factors involved to say this was cheaper than a bunch of one-way tickets covering the same route. There is a obviously a benefit to SkyTeam otherwise it. A Round the world ticket is the dream of every traveller. How else could you get a taste of every corner of the globe? And now there are increasingly more options for the comfort-oriented traveller as round the world Business Class fares become even more appealing in terms of price and destination options. حجز تذاكر الخطوط السعودية قارن أسعار حجز تذاكر الطيران عبر أكثر من 700 موقع حجوزات احجز بأقل سعر متاح احجز بسهولة في دقائق اكتشف آخر عروض الخطوط الجوية. Sky Team" منذ عام 2012، بالإضافة للعديد من. سكاي تيم،بالإنجليزية: SkyTeam، هو تحالف طيران عالمي، وثاني أكبر تحالف طيران في العالم، بعد تحالف ستار، يقدم إلى عملائه من شركات الطيران الأعضاء فيه إمكانية استخدام شبكة عالمية مُكثفة تضم.

SkyTeam - RTW on Skyteam? - You can have many stops in the same country. As long as you keep moving roughly in the same direction, east or west. Thinking of it from a US point of view, you can stop at JFK, then ORD, then DEN, then LAX. Travel around the world business class for less with ! We specialize in creating unique experiences so you can focus on your journey. Visit. Round the world RTW tickets are flight packages that let you visit a number of destinations around the world for one price. These tickets are offered by airline alliances like SkyTeam, Oneworld, and Star Alliance, and all the flights in your itinerary must be served by airlines within the chosen alliance.

Whether travelling for business or leisure, the SkyTeam Round the World program provides you with the right product for exploring the world in the easiest and most economical way. For people who dream of traveling the world, the SkyTeam member airlines offer 4 Round the World products focusing on flexibility and service. From 3 to 15 stops.

Are round the world airline tickets cheaper than booking single flights? We compare round-the-world RTW ticket prices with the cost of single flights to see where the real deal is.

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